Updated 09/25/2007, Vladuz Hacks eBay T&S Board Posting Users Personal Info!

Updated 09/28/2007, Vladuz Hacks [email protected] ME Page!

It's Just Another eBay Day..

And Vladuz & Associates Are Busy Hacking The Crap Out Of eBay!

eBay Has Removed The "Marketplace Safety Tips" From The Listing Pages, Making It Even More Dangerous For The "New And Inexperienced eBay Newby" Who Will Surly Get Snared In This Cleverly Baited Trap!

These Scammers Are Pros At Conning Americans! And The Lure Of Quick Easy Cash Via eBays Sloppily Programmed Servers Is Hard To Pass Up!

I Just Can't Understand Why eBay Would Do This With All The OBVIOUS Hacking Going On!! Are They That Afraid Of Loosing Any More Business? I Would Think With These Hacks Occuring DAILY Their Sellers Would Be Leaving In Droves! Any Listing Is Fair Game To These Ruthless Crooks!

Buyers And Sellers Are Getting Defrauded Every Day! And eBay Does NOTHING To Stop It!

I Have Uploaded A Bunch Of Raw Screen Captures, And Enabled Directory Browsing So You Can See Them All!

Screen Shots Are Gathered Daily (when i have the time) And Placed In That Days Folder. Click On A Photo to View One, If It Appears Tall And Narrow Left Click On The Bottom Of It To Expand, Or Right Click To Save To Your Local Drive!

You Are Also Welcome To Link To This Folder!

Click Here To Enter The Folder!

Don't Worry It Is Safe, And I Do Not Set Cookies On Your Computer.. :=)

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